Mike Hambright and FlipNerd.com Presents the: 5 Day Investor Launchpad Challenge!

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"Give Me Just 5 Short Days

I’ll Share A Detailed “Blueprint” To Help You LAUNCH YOUR Real Estate Investing Business!”

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Are YOU Ready to LAUNCH Into Real Estate Investing?!

Join the 5 Day Investor Launchpad Challenge (Only $7.00!) to learn how to FIND Profitable Deals, how to FUND your deals, and how to build a profitable business that allows you to achieve Financial Freedom!

The 5 Day Investor Launchpad Challenge:

Day 1 - Finding Deals

There is NOTHING more important to learn in real estate investing than how to actually FIND deals... and not just one here and there... how to find deals over and over again (to create a REAL business)! 

We’ll share tactics of the PROS to find deeply discounted and PROFITABLE deals, and teach you to implement this into your business.

Day 2 - Analyzing Deals

One of the biggest hurdles for new investors is gaining the confidence to QUICKLY analyze deals and feel comfortable making offers (even with limited knowledge). 

We’ll show you how to analyze a deal and make a confident offer in less than 10 minutes!

Day 3 - Funding Deals

Most new investors think their biggest challenge is CASH for deals. 

We’ll show you how to NEVER WORRY ABOUT THIS AGAIN! 

It’s a misconception that MONEY is your biggest obstacle (it’s not), and we’ll shatter this myth once and for all!

Day 4 - Fast (and Slow) Cash

Today we’ll talk about EXIT STRATEGIES (what to do with houses once you get them), using techniques such as Wholesaling and Assigning, Rehabbing and Wholetailing. 

Once you find a SWEET and PROFITABLE deal, we’ll show you all the different ways you can MAKE MONEY!

Day 5 - Building Wealth

If you're looking to build a portfolio of CASH-FLOWING Rentals, we’ll show you the way! 

Most investors aspire to buy and hold rental properties, and generate ongoing cash flow... it’s the BEST way to BUILD WEALTH… as more Millionaires have been created from Real Estate (through rentals) than perhaps ANY other way!

Your 5 Day Challenge Coaches


Mike is a successful real estate investor, and has wholesaled or rehabbed several hundred properties. Mike is a sought after advisor to many of America's top real estate investors, host of a top real estate podcast (FlipNerd.com, over 1,500 shows), and one of the most connected real estate investing industry leaders.


Max is an accomplished real estate investor, best selling author, award winning speaker, and advisor to many successful real estate investors. A teacher at heart, Max helps real estate investors get started or grow their businesses to achieve their personal goals.

"Give Me Just 5 Short Days

I’ll Share A Detailed “Blueprint” To Help You LAUNCH YOUR Real Estate Investing Business!”

Join The 5 Day Challenge for ONLY $7.00!

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